Wind Energy SOLUTIONS Quality Control
Quality Control

At the first steps of volume production of advanced composites it is more than necessary to record all process parameters ensuring the good part quality and production traceability.

Production traceability is the key to volume production of advanced composite materials. Composite materials are not like metals because several materials are formed together in a mould so the final properties of the products depend heavily on the process parameters. In this aspect it is crucial to monitor the most crucial manufacturing parameters ensuring that everything is as planned or at least under control. Our technology can offer reliable and versatile solutions towards this target primarily for liquid composite moulding but also for other more conventional processes such as prepregs, RFI, filament winding or pultrusion.

In the wind industry it is possible to relate each product to its final Tg, cured temperature and the corresponding curing time so a quality and performance report can be issued accordingly.

In liquid composite moulding it is also possible to record all the arrival times at each sensor (in the cavity or the gates) to ensure that the resin paths and filling times are as planned.

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