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ECOMISE Industrial seminar

Synthesites to demonstrate innovative processing technologies at the seminar

We are happy to invite you to our ECOMISE Public Workshop to be held on the 21st and 22nd of June 2016 at the manufacturing facilities of AIRBORNE and NLR in the Netherlands. During this workshop the ECOMISE consortium will give live demonstrations of their developed technologies for composite manufacturing. Three distinct applications will be presented:

aerospace: Wing skin infusion and curing in an autoclave (Bombardier Aerospace Belfast, UK)

energy: CFRP Tidal blade infused and cured in an oven (Airborne, NL)

automotive: GFRP epoxy suspension blade RTM (Hutchinson, FR)

 In this event Synthesites will demonstrate several new developments in the flow and cure monitoring for RTM, Infusion and autoclave applications as well as the new real-time process control system based on online Tg predictions.

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