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Real-time permeability calculation based on Synthesites sensors and RTM-worx simulations

Successful demonstration at the final Ecomise workshop held at Airborne, NL.

For the first time, a real-time calculation of permeability and other features of the resin flow based on the feedback from cure and flow sensors was successfully demonstrated at the ECOMISE workshop that was held in Airborne and NLR at the Netherlands.

During this demonstration 2 cure and 5 flow sensors from Synthesites that were installed in a RTM tool which was developed by Airborne for the manufacturing of a thick CFRP part, were transmitting useful information to the RTMworx process simulation software from Polyworx. Based on the sensors' feedback the RTMworx softare was calculating in real-time the main flow features of the process such as preform permeability.

The Ecomise workshop gave a unique opportunity to more than 40 participants from around Europe to experience live all the main Ecomise developments in process monitoring and control.