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Synthesites was founded in 2008 for the commercialisation of process monitoring and control systems in advanced composites manufacturing.

Synthesites was established in 2008 for the commercialisation of intelligent process monitoring and control technology in advanced composites manufacturing (RTM, LightRTM, Vacuum Infusion, Compression moulding and SMC, prepregs in Autoclaves) for lab-scale and industrial applications. Synthesites is developing, marketing and manufacturing in-house the complete range of electronic equipment, disposable and durable sensors and the software necessary for the unique online monitoring and control of composites manufacturing. Furthermore, Synthesites's marketing approach is relying on the close collaboration with our potential clients in order to understand their needs in order to achieve the optimal result at the minimum cost. Then we continue to work with our clients to ensure that our technology is being used and fully exploited during every day use. In Synthesites we ar edevoted to ensure customer satisfaction at its maximum level. Of course, we are always ready to support our clients onsite and to provide quick and reliable repair solutions.

The new generation of monitoring systems based on the direct measurement of resistivity and temperature of the resin, was launched in December 2009 attracting great interest from manufacturing companies in the wind turbine blade, aerospace and automotive sectors. Using Optimold and Optiflow systems, the monitoring of the resin status such as resin arrival, pressure, temperature, viscosity, gelation, degree of cure and Tg can be recorded during product development and/or production using a range of durable and consumable sensors. Quality control issues such as mixing ratio, resin ageing and other features can be also monitored and controlled using our technology.

In 2015 Synthesites UK ltd was created in Bristol, UK and Synthesites SNC in Brussels, Belgium, to serve better the European market.

Today Synthesites is the world leader in industrial intelligent process (cure and resin arrival) monitoring systems working with major industrial players in wind energy, aircrafts, cars and other industrial products. Furthermore, Synhtesites is working with major research centers across Europe towards establishing and further developing our unique technology to various industrial applications.

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