Synthesites finalists at JEC Awards 2024
ECOMISE (Completed 8/2016)
Enabling Next Generation Composites Manufacturing by In-situ structural evaluation and process adjustment.

The ECOMISE project proposes a breakthrough production system to enable next generation of thermoset composite manufacturing and post-processing. Within this new approach high precision process techniques for advanced dry fibre placement (AFP), infiltration (RTI/ RTM) and curing will be developed in order to maximize process efficiency at reduced costs and production time due to less material consumption, higher reproducibility, less energy, less waste and less rework.
Within this framework Synthesites developed an intelligent monitoring and control system capable of optimising the manufacturing resources offline and online during processing. This new system was demonstrated successfully in three different applications:
  • Infusion and autoclave curing of an aerospace part (Bombardier Aerospace Belfast, UK)
  • RTM of an automotive part (Hutchinson, FR)
  • Light-RTM of a tidal blade (Airborne Composites, NL)
  • Partners: DLR (CO), FaserInstitut, Bombardier, Hutchinson, Airborne, Polyworx, Loop Technology, Samtech, Dassault System, NLR.
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