General APPLICATIONS Out-of-Autoclave/ Vacuum Bgging
Out-of-Autoclave/ Vacuum Bgging

The trend to lower costs moving away from autoclaves even with prepregs asks for intelligent process monitoring systems for support…

Out-of-autoclave manufacturing means that manufacturing conditions are not as constant as in autoclaves any more. The introduction of our process monitoring systems through long cables and hot environments is a common business for Synthesites, providing intelligent and reliable solutions even at manufacturing level.

At development, the introduction of flexible cure sensors through thick laminates can provide valuable information about the heating of the laminate, the time that minimum viscosity emerges and if there is enough time for the consolidation. As pressure is absent, a good optimisation of the process is necessary. Furthermore using the flexile resin arrival sensors the bleeding of the prepregs at various locations can be monitored.

In production, flexible or durable sensors can be used to monitor the process and record all corresponding data for product and process traceability. It is a valuable tool for reducing expensive scrap and ensuring the good quality of the parts.

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