General APPLICATIONS Pultrusion

Pultrusion is a continuous process, which although seems conventional, it can become very challenging when we try to optimise it. This is where monitoring can really help the pultruder.

Monitoring of the pultrusion line can be done during process development and during normal production. One or more durable sensors can be placed either inside the die and/or at the exit of the die to measure instantly the electrical resistance and temperature of the profile.

Synthesites and our experts have participated in some of the very few attempts to develop inline intelligent monitoring systems for a pultrusion line. We have used 2 durable sensors placed in the die to study the effect of line speed, temperature distribution in heating zones and other parameters @ under iREMO EC-funded project in collaboration with Acciona Infrastructures.

Now we are involved in Coaline project to further study and optimise our products for monitoring and control pultrusion.

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news image NLR, Synthesites work toward intelligent manufacturing for aerospace structures
NLR acquires fully operational intelligent resin monitoring system for noninvasive, real-time resin viscosity and glass transition temperature estimation.