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Optiview is a powerful graphical user interface for efficient data acquisition, storage, and data retrieval. ORS is a complementary software for real-time calculation of Tg, degree of cure, etc.


Optiview is a versatile and powerful graphical software for the efficient overview, monitoring, storage, and retrieval of the data measured by Optimold, Optiflow and the ORS software. OptiView provides the opportunity to post-process data, load various curves stored previously, and print graphs.


The OptiView provides also real-time resin arrival information from the Optiflow sensors, as can be seen in the screenshot below.


Furthermore, OptiView can provide real-time feedback to other software such as the ORS and any other software and PLCs for real-time process control.

Online Resin State (ORS)

Following long-term research, development, and extended validation with our industrial customers, we can offer a unique software for the real-time prediction of the Glass Transition temperature (Tg), degree-of-cure, viscosity, and other resin properties such as chemical aging and mixing ratio deviations for many epoxy and other resins based on the measured electrical resistance and temperature.


As can be seen in the figure below from the comparison between the real-time calculated Tg (Optimold+Calibration), the DSC calculated Tg, and the kinetic model based at 6 different locations in a large and thick resin-infused laminate, a very accurate correlation can be achieved even under harsh conditions.

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