Aerospace APPLICATIONS Vacuum infusion
Vacuum infusion

Monitoring the Vacuum Infusion process offers significant advantages besides cure monitoring especially in large moulds or tools in ovens...

Vacuum infusion presents some particular difficulties with respect to other closed moulding processes especially if this is done in ovens or autoclaves. The multisensory structure of OptiMold and OptiFlow can combine a number of sensors providing real-time reliable indication of the resin arrival and the evolution of cure in several sensitive locations of the part. With our new film sensors it is possible to monitor full cure at temperatures as low as 10oC but also the film sensors can be placed everywhere in the cavity between the flow-media and the peel-ply without damaging the part or without having any interference with the existence of carbon fibres.

A very interesting demonstration of our systems used in a vacuum infusion application is shown below (© ACCIONA Infraestructuras - Low volume case demonstration video created for the iREMO EC-funded project Contract Nr CP-FP 228662-2).

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