Automotive SOLUTIONS Consulting and Technical Support
Consulting and Technical Support

Intelligent process monitoring in composites manufacturing is highly innovative so it is important that our customers receive a complete package for the successful implementation of this technology.

We are devoted to the satisfaction of our customers. We are proud to discuss with our customers before purchasing in order to ensure that they are buying the right solution to solve their problems. We are always ready to sign a NDA in order to ensure that no information slips away. We can also provide more extensive technical studies with respect to specific resins and materials and/or processing conditions and we can propose different solutions.

A free installation and demo trial is always included with the purchase of our systems as we want to ensure the right implementation of our technology and that the customer benefits the most from it.

After the implementation of our systems we can continue to support our customers by studying the data, if the customer wants to share them with us, and providing our customers guidelines on their interpretation. Additionally, we can join the trials and identify potential problems and solutions.

Solution to our customers’ problems is always in our minds and products.