Automotive SOLUTIONS Research

Synthesites' extended range of sensors working with our two basic monitoring systems: Optimold and Optiflow provide a unique tool for research in resin transformation and composites manufacturing.


In both applied and basic research the use of our products can offer unique advantages in the study of various phenomena that take place during the processing of resins and composite materials. Our extended range of flexible sensors can provide a versatile and affordable way to study thoroughly the processes where they take place and not separately at a lab environment. Placing sensors through the laminate can reveal exotherms and how these affect the curing of the resin locally. For example very few studies have been executed towards the effect of high fibre fraction to the reactivity of the matrix. Another example is the permeability measurement: the permeability can be measured at all directions (including the z-direction) easily by using our resin arrival sensors, flash-mounted for non-intrusive measurements and small and flexible sensors with carefully placed thin cables for measurements inside the laminate.

Our cure monitoring system can help researchers build considerably easier and faster kinetic and viscosity models without the need of expensive equipment.

Moreover we can provide laboratory systems adapted to your specific needs such as the combination of heated viscometer and cure monitoring system that can be seen below.


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