The trend to use advanced composites requires automation based on Synthesites intelligent process monitoring systems.

The trend to use advanced composites require automate manufacturing solutions with Synthesites intelligent monitoring systems that can provide valuable information about the manufacturing process offering the means to fully automate the production.

Synthesites monitoring systems can be used in all stages of process development and manufacturing to provide important insidght and feedback to the engineers, operators or to the automation systems.

In the development stage, flexible and durable sensors can be easily introduced at various locations into the cavity to:

  1. Study the resin flow and its repeatability
  2. Optimise the filling pattern
  3. Calculate the permeability tensor necessary for accurate filling simulations especially for thick or complex components
  4. Check the filling and optimise the mould temperature
  5. Monitor the cure and optimise the mould temperature
  6. Define process milestones using the sensors in order to use them at production

(5 and 6 refer also to manufacturing with prepregs)

At production stage, the use of permanent sensors can:

  1. Ensure that the resin (neat or in prepregs) meets the quality standards (mixing ratio or thermal ageing) before the start of the process
  2. Control the mould filling by opening and/or closing the appropriate gates
  3. Monitor the cure and open the press accordingly
  4. Prove repeatability and provide online part quality certification
  5. Monitor many important parameters for process traceability
  6. Calculate process parameters for quality control purposes

(1, 3 to 6 refer also to manufacturing with prepregs)